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Please contact her directly with any enquiries, or come along to her studio for a chat and a cup of tea.

Dates to suit throughout the year, next schedueled one is April 19th and 20th 2017. Please call if you are interested in booking onto this one or would like to arrange your own. I am also running a three day workshop in September for Angela Scott as one of her Barn Art Courses, these take place near Mappowder. For more information please go to

They take place in her studio at home and involve drawing from life and other sources to warm up, then sculpting a chosen subject in wire. Each day will run from 10 am to 4 pm with lunch provided. At either end of the day the studio is open and students are very welcome to carry on working on their own.

The aim of the workshop is to enable a subject to be captured in 2 dimensions then translate that knowledge of structure to 3 dimensions.
Drawing materials and boards will be provided and various wires will be available to choose from. Artists will have to bring their own tools ie. pliers, gloves, goggles, etc but steel for frames and welding equipment will be available to use, as will more heavy duty wire cutters. If copper was wanted then there will be an extra charge of £20 to cover that and the soldering gas.
Before the workshop starts, a discussion with each participant about their past experience (if any) and what they are planning to sculpt will enable some preparation to be made by both myself and the student. It is very useful to have made some research about your chosen subject and have pictures, perhaps videos, and drawings ready to talk about and look at, then use as a reference.

Each course costs £240 per person, and a deposit of £100 is payable at the time of booking to secure your place.
There is an adjoining cottage to use for people who wish to stay for the two nights subject to availability (look at and the suppliment for that is £40.

Tutored life drawing for 3 hour sessions can be arranged to suit you. Loosen up and learn to observe and capture what is in front of you. All levels accomodated, from beginers through to more experienced people wishing to try something else and gain another perspective. Materials, coffee and brownies provided! £30 per person.
If you are interested or you have any questions please call or e mail.